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Managed billing in SimplePractice

Managed billing in SimplePractice

Staying on top of insurance billing processes is a full-time job that requires continuous education and certifications. Many practices handle insurance billing on their own early in their practice’s lifecycle. 

As your practice grows, we know it’s important to spend more time on client care, and less time on managing insurance billing. That’s why SimplePractice has partnered with Gentem to provide you with a managed billing service for in-network insurance billing. In this guide, we’ll cover answers to some frequently asked questions, including:

What is Gentem?

Gentem is a best-in-class managed billing solution that's fully integrated with SimplePractice. Gentem takes care of your in-network insurance billing to not only give you time back, but also to make sure that you get insurance claims paid faster and more successfully. Plus you won't have to deal with rejections, denials, or appeals - Gentem will handle all of those completely on your behalf. They can offer this because they have a robust and knowledgeable team of billing specialists, revenue cycle experts, and engineers dedicated to making insurance billing easier for customers, and we're incredibly proud to partner with them.

What type of insurance filing does Gentem support?

Gentem only supports the management of in-network insurance claim filing. For out of network insurance claims, clinicians will need to continue to submit these independently.

Who is eligible for Gentem?

We’re currently only offering managed billing to a limited number of practices. If you’re eligible for this new service, you’ll receive an email from SimplePractice with information on how to start the process of working with Gentem. 

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