The Credentialing / Paneling process and SimplePractice

SimplePractice does not assist in the process of getting you paneled or credentialed with insurance panels. This is a process you have to complete directly with the payers. 

If you're filling out your credentialing applications, fill them out as if you're not using SimplePractice and will be filing claims to that payer directly. The purpose of this is just to get you accepted into the payer's panel. Once you're paneled, we will help you get set up to be able to file claims electronically through our system. 

Once you're paneled, you'll be able to start filing claims as an in-network provider. Click HERE so you learn our claim filing process. 

Note: The same applies if you're updating your credentialed information. Please reach out to the payer directly to make sure they have the correct information on file for you. If you need to update your enrollment information, see Enrollment FAQs to learn more. 

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