Removing a Team Member


You can remove Team Members like Clinicians, Schedulers and Billers at any time. It just takes a couple steps.

Keep in mind, when you remove a Clinician or Clinical Admin, your group will keep any information tied to that Clinician or Clinical Admin, but the Clinician or Clinical Admin won't be able to access those files anymore. If you add the clinician back in after removing them, you'll want to make that clinician the primary for their clients again. This is not automatic.

Removing Team Members

1. Click on My Account, the click on Settings, then click on Team Members.

2. Click on the name of the Team Member that you want to delete.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Delete.

4. A modal will appear on the screen as shown below. You will need to enter the team member's name exactly as shown in the system. This is to help prevent accidental deletions of team members. Remember, when a team member is deleted, we can't recover the team member.

5. Once you type in the Team Member's name exactly as shown, the Permanently Delete Team Member button will turn a stronger shade of red. Click on Permanently Delete Team Member to delete the team member.

If the Team Member is a Clinician or Clinical Admin, you'll receive a prorated credit back to your account for the remaining time for that Clinician or Clinical Admin which will apply towards your next month's subscription.



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