Making a client inactive

SimplePractice allows you to inactivate clients that you are not actively seeing. The inactive status for a client is an excellent option for showing that she or he has been discharged. Making a client inactive will allow you to keep the client data in your account in case you choose to reactivate the client in the future. Additionally, inactive clients will not show up in your client list.

Here's how to make a client inactive:

  1. Log into your SimplePractice account.
  2. Go to the Client Overview page for the client you wish to inactivate. 
  3. Click View/edit client info.
  4. On the Client Info tab, deselect Active as shown below.
  5. Click Save.

You can access inactive clients by selecting the Clients link in the navigation bar on the left and then selecting the Inactive link on the main Clients page on the top right.

Note: If you prefer to delete a client (this removes all of their data), this article will show you how.

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