1.4 Couples Sessions


Couples sessions allow you to schedule two client profiles for the same session to share billing and progress notes.

1. Begin by creating a new appointment event on the calendar.

2. Add the first client to the new appointment. The client you enter here will be considered the primary client. The primary client will be billed for the session and all billing documents will be in this client's name.

3. Select "Couple" from the drop down menu at the bottom of the calendar flyout and enter the second client.

4. Be sure to set the appropriate service code, and session time before clicking Done.

5) The new couples session will show the first name of both clients in the calendar to indicate that it is a couples session:

6. When you write a progress note for a couple's appointment, that note will be shared between both of the clients charts. Each member of the couple will also receive an appointment reminder for the session provided that they each are set up to receive an appointment reminder.

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