Client Portal overview


The SimplePractice Client Portal is the easy and secure way to engage with your client online so that you don't have to rely on email when sharing sensitive information.  

With our Client Portal, you have flexibility to: 

  • Send intake forms to clients (both new and existing)
  • Share documents and files with a client
  • Request the client's demographic information
  • Collect or update credit card info
  • Send Statements, Superbills, or Invoices 
  • Allow clients to make credit card payments through the portal (Stripe Account Required)
  • Allow clients to request appointments through SimplePractice Online Booking (Professional Plan)

When you sign up, you'll get a unique practice link (also known as a URL) that links to your portal.

You can edit the link to match your name, practice name, or whatever you'd like!

View your Practice Client Portal (URL)

  1. Go to My Account > Settings.
  2. Click on Client Portal in the left navigation in the Settings Section.
  3. Under the section Practice URL you'll see your link (URL). If you haven't locked the URL you can easily change it by clicking on the text field.CP-1.png
  4. To lock your practice URL, make sure you have edited the URL and then click Save & Lock.

Note: Keep in mind, once you lock your Practice URL, it can't be unlocked! 

Once you've locked your URL you will now see buttons to View Mini-Site and Copy URL.

  • View Mini-Site opens a new tab for you with your Client Portal page.
  • CopyURL copies your Client Portal URL so you can paste it into an email or add it to your website. For help adding the URL to your own website, contact your website administrator.


 Client Portal View


Existing clients will receive the link to your Client Portal when you invite them to the portal or if you give them with the practice link elsewhere.

Once your client signs in, they'll be able to:

  1. View documents you have shared 
  2. See their statements, superbills, and invoices
  3. Book their session online with Online Booking if you enable it (Professional Plan)

Worried about Online Booking? We give you the tools to manage it! Click here to learn how easy it is!

What do my clients see?

When your client signs on, they'll be presented with the calendar to book a session. 


For more information about Online Booking, billing automation, and sharing documents, please check out these articles:

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  3. How does Online Booking work?
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