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What is the Client Portal?

What is the Client Portal?

The SimplePractice Client Portal is an easy and secure way to engage with your clients online so that you don't have to rely on email when sharing sensitive information.

With our Client Portal, you have flexibility to: 

  • Send intake forms to clients (both new and existing)
  • Share documents and files with a client
  • Request client demographic information
  • Collect or update credit card info
  • Send Statements, Superbills, or Invoices 
  • Allow clients to make credit card payments through the portal (Stripe Account required)
  • Allow clients to request appointments through SimplePractice Online Booking (Professional Plan)

You'll get a unique URL that links to your unique Client Portal. You can edit this link to match your name, practice name, or whatever you'd like to display to your clients.

Note: The Client Portal is enabled by default.

View your practice's Client Portal 

  • Go to SettingsClient Portal.
  • You'll see your Client Portal URL at the top of this page. If you want to change your URL, click change your domain.changedomain.simplepractice.clientportal.png
  • You can also change your Client Portal URL by navigating to Settings > Domains.
  • To lock your Client Portal Web Address, edit the URL and click Save & Lock.

Once you've locked your web address, you can either view your Client Portal by clicking View Client Portal or copy the link by clicking the copy icon.

  • View Client Portal takes you to your Client Portal page.
  • The copy icon copies your Client Portal Web Address so you can paste it into an email or add it to your website. For help adding the web address to your own website, contact your website administrator.

 Client Portal View


Existing clients will receive the link to your Client Portal when you invite them or if you provide them with the practice link elsewhere.

Note: You can decide whether you want to hide or display your exact address from prospective clients here: Hiding or displaying your address publicly.

Once your client signs in, they'll be able to:

  1. View documents you have shared 
  2. See their statements, superbills, and invoices
  3. Book/cancel their appointments online with Online Booking if you enable it (Professional Plan)
  4. Pay for their appointments via Stripe

Note: You can adjust your client's access to the Client Portal and the features available to them in it by going to the client's Overview page > View/edit client info > Client Portal tab.

What do my clients see?

Note: See Getting started guides for your clients to view or download Getting Started guides for clients using the Client Portal. 

Depending on whether Online Booking is enabled within your account, clients will be presented upon sign on with a homepage navigating to Appointments, Documents, and Billing & Payments.


Note: You can create a test client using your contact information to try out sharing documents and preview the intake forms you plan to send. 

Important: State laws may vary. SimplePractice recommends you confirm the laws in your state before allowing a minor's parent/guardian to access the minor's portal.

For more information about Online Booking, billing automation, and sharing documents, please see these guides:


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