Setting up your Client Portal


SimplePractice's Client Portal is the easiest and most secure way for you to:

  • Share intake forms
  • Deliver billing documents and collect client payments
  • Collect electronically signed practice documents
  • Offer Online Booking to clients (Professional Plan)

Entering your practice information

If you haven't done so already, be sure to fill out your practice details. We'll walk you through the steps below 

  1. Go to My Accounts > Settings > Practice Details. 
  2. Make sure the following information is how you want it to appear when clients see your portal page.
    • Practice name (displayed at the top of the portal page)
    • Time zone
    • Phone number
    • Practice address
    • Cancellation policy

Turning on the Client Portal

Once you have made sure your practice information is correct:

  1. Select the Client Portal section in your Practice Settings.
  2. Click on the Client Portal toggle, which will now show you the Settings, Emails, and Documents tabs.
  3. Make sure the toggle shows a blue ON.

Editing the intake welcome email

Here's how to edit the welcome email:

  1. Click Emails and select Customize this email.  (Additional emails will be available depending on your SimplePractice Plan.

You can change the text of the Welcome Email subject line and the body of the email. You can also use Template Macros (these are found in the drop-downs above the email text) that you can insert in different places so the software will know where in the text to insert things like the client's first and/or last name, etc... 

Warning: DO NOT DELETE THE {practice_client_portal_login_link} macro as this includes the client's initial PIN to log in to the portal.  

This is what the client email will look like, with your edits.

How to edit your practice documents

Now that your Welcome email is ready to go, the next step is to include your practice documents for client signature. 

A Practice Document is any text document that you wish your client to sign and agree to.  Practice documents are not currently fillable forms, but clients are able to electronically sign these documents. 

Access the practice documents section by clicking on the Documents tab. 

We offer these standard practice document templates pre-loaded in your New Client Intake Portal: 

  1. Notice of Privacy Practices
  2. Informed Consent
  3. Practice Policies 

You can remove these documents if you choose or choose to not include them in your clients' intakes. 


To modify and add your practice information into one of our document templates: 

  1. Select the Edit link. This will display a text field so that you can edit the text.
  2. Click Save when you are done.

Note: This is also where you can choose to default this form as one of your intake forms by clicking the checkbox labeled "include this form in intake."

Adding a new document for signature

You can add any document for signature you wish. Please remember that your client will only be able to acknowledge/sign the document, and cannot add or fill out information within that document.

Here's how:

  1. Click Add New.
  2. Give your new document a title, then add text to the document. You can easily type or paste text into the document. 
  3. Click Save.

Note: These documents are read-only, so things like form fields and check boxes will not be interactive. We will add more customization features in the future.

You can enter as many documents as you like. Once you finish this, you're ready to create or modify any client Questionnaires that you might use with your clients. 

Editing intake forms

  1. Go to My Account > Settings. 
  2. Select Notes and Forms.

Note: Click here to learn how to create intake forms. 

How to create a questionnaire

Here's how to create a new questionnaire:

  1. Go to Settings > Notes and Forms.
  2. Select Create New Template in the upper right. 

You can also edit the Standard Intake Questionnaire Template that's already built in your account. Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Notes and Forms.

  2. Click the Copy icon. 

  3. An editable copy of the intake questionnaire template will be created. 

How to name your questionnaire

Give your new questionnaire a name that will help you identify it.

Be sure to indicate that this questionnaire is "for Intake Forms" and not a Progress Note template.

How to customize your questionnaire (or other forms)

Not sure where to start? Take a look at this article for detailed instructions when editing the questionnaire: Build a custom intake questionnaire. 

Once you've customized the intake questionnaire, you are ready to invite your new clients. Check out this article for detailed instructions: Inviting new clients to the portal.

How to edit the intake welcome screen

When clients enter the portal to complete intake forms for the first time, they will see a "welcome screen" that alerts them to the series of forms they will be filling out.  By default it looks like this:

You can edit this welcome screen with any special instructions that you wish to share.

Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Shared Documents and Files

Click "customize this message" to make edits to the first screen that is included for the intake process. 

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