Client insurance settings



If you receive money from a client’s insurance company, then this is the article for you... 

Here you’ll learn how to designate a client as an insurance client so you're able to track and differentiate between the client's balance and the insurance payer's balance. 

If you accept payment from an insurance provider, be sure to use this feature whether you file claims through SimplePractice or not.

When you create a new client whose insurance pays you, you’ll need to start by adding the client’s insurance info to their record. Go to Client Detail > Edit Client Info > Billing and Insurance.

Change client’s Billing Type to “Insurance”


Adding Insurance Information

You will need to select the +Insurance button and then you can add the name of your Client’s Insurance Company and the Member, Group, or Plan ID. This information will show up on the Client Superbill.  When we add e-filing there will be some additional required information here. 

For more information on selecting your client's insurance company, check out this article: Selecting the right insurance provider and payer for your client.

If you know your client's co-pay, you can add it now. This will let the system know how much of the session fee should be considered the client's responsibility so your accounting is accurate. For example, if your session fee is $100 and the client has a $30 copay, our system will automatically know that the client's balance will be $30 for each session. The remaining $70 will be considered the insurance company's responsibility. If you don't know your client's copay, you can add this information later.


You can also indicate on the Superbill who the payment should be sent to (you, the client, or the primary insured) - you select this from the drop down in the field labeled For Superbills, send Payments to.


Don’t forget to SAVE 

Now that you’ve entered the client’s insurance info and set their Billing Type to “Insurance” you will be able to bill this client’s sessions to his/her insurance company.



If you change an existing client's billing type to "Insurance" only future sessions you set in the calendar will recognize this new billing type and be applied to the insurance provider's balance. Past Sessions that were previously set in the calendar before will not recognize this new billing type and will still be considered "Self Pay" sessions. If you'd like to change the billing type for some past sessions from Self Pay to Insurance, click here. 




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