Creating batch claims



With SimplePractice you can auto-generate multiple claims at the same time.

Just go to Billing > Insurance. On this page you'll see all your clients whose billing type is set to "Insurance" and who have billable sessions that haven't yet been included on a CMS claim form. (You can read more about how to check for unbilled sessions here: How to check for unbilled sessions.)


Create batch claims

To create a batch of claims for all the client's listed on this page just click the Create Claims button.


You'll be taken to the Claims tab where you will see the newly created claims listed at the top of your claims list.


If one of your client's has more than 6 unbilled sessions (the maximum amount allowed on a CMS claim form) SimplePractice will generate multiple CMS claim forms to accommodate all of the billable sessions.

You can now review, edit and file these batch claims just as you would any other claim. You can read more about filing claims here: How to file a claim.


When a batch claim is not created

Sometimes claims won't be generated for an individual client when you click the Create Claims button. When this happens, it means that SimplePractice does not have all the required client information to auto-populate a claim form for that client. In this case follow these steps:

  1. Return to the client's Billing Details page.
  2. Try to create a CMS claim form for this individual client.
  3. An Error message will appear indicating the missing information from the client's Info page. 
  4. Go to the client's Info page to add the missing information. Do this by clicking on the client's name taking you to the Client Detail page. Then clicking the link "Edit Info."

You can read more about the minimum fields required to create a claim here: What information do I need from the client to file a claim?



To remove sessions from the Unbilled Sessions list

If you've filed some claims outside of SimplePractice you'll probably have a few sessions show up on this list that have in fact been submitted to the insurance company. 

To remove sessions from this list:

1) Go to the client's billing details page.

2) Use the date range window to isolate the sessions you'd like to remove from the Unbilled Sessions list.

3) Create a CMS claim form with these sessions on it. 

4) From the CMS claim form, click the Download button and download a PDF of the claim. This will change the claim's status to "CMS 1500"

5) Securely remove this PDF file from your computer.

The sessions will now be removed from the Unbilled sessions list since the software now recognizes that these sessions have been put on a CMS claim form for billing. 


Create & submit a batch of claims

You can create and submit a batch of claims by clicking the "Create & Submit Claims" button


If any claims cannot be created, you will still see the error message indicating this. The sessions will remain in the Unbilled Sessions list.

If any claims cannot be submitted, they will still be created and available in the "Claims" list with the status label, "Created."

Some claims cannot be submitted automatically

When clicking the Create & Submit button, claims will be submitted as long as the client has 1 previously accepted claim inside SimplePractice. So for clients where you do not have an accepted claim, these clients' claim forms will be created and listed in the Claims section awaiting your review before submitting individually.

Once a client has an accepted claim through SimplePractice, you'll be able to Create & Submit their claims with one click.

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