Payment reports


Payment reports will automate your bookkeeping for insurance clients and save you a ton of time. You can receive free payment reports even if you don’t file electronic claims through SimplePractice.

Payment reports are much more than just EOBs . They give a detailed breakdown of the insurance company's reimbursement and indicate which session(s) the reimbursement payment is associated with and they automatically add and allocate the insurance payments to your clients and their sessions.

  1. Enroll for payment reports

You’ll need to enroll for payment reports for each insurance company associated with your clients. If you enroll for online claim filing with an insurance company, we'll automatically submit your enrollment application for payment reports. Read about enrolling for payment reports here: Enrollment for payment reports.

  1. File insurance claims

Whether you file claims online with SimplePractice, or offline through the mail, you'll still receive online payment reports delivered to your SimplePractice account when you claims are accepted. You’ll receive an email update when a new payment report is received (provided you’ve filed the claim through SimplePractice).

Read more about filing online claims and generating auto-filled CMS claim forms here: How to file a claim and Creating and printing a CMS 1500 (HCFA) form.

  1. View your payment reports

You can view your payment reports by going to Billing > Insurance > Claims. There you'll see the link to payment reports associated with claims. You can also access the Payment Reports by going to Insights > Payment Reports. Just click on the date of each one of the entries listed and you'll be able to view the EOB.

Click on the link to reveal an individual payment report:


  1. Review the automated bookkeeping record

When your payment report is delivered to SimplePractice, your claim's status will update to "Paid" and you'll receive an email update with a direct link to your payment report.

We take the payment report information and automatically record the insurance payment in your account by applying the correct reimbursement amounts to each session. In other words, these payment reports completely automate the process of adding insurance payments to SimplePractice and manually entering reimbursement information from the EOB.

To review the automatically created payment record you can click on the link in the email you receive, or you can go to Billing > Insurance > Payments and you'll see the insurance payment along with the associated Check or Wire transfer number:

Click on the payment record to see the details of how it was automatically applied to your clients' sessions. If you need to, you can edit the insurance payment by clicking the Edit link to manually adjust the reimbursement information.

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