Adding client payments

Adding payments in SimplePractice is easy and can be done from either the calendar, from the client's Billing Details page, from an unpaid invoice, or by a client from the Client Portal.   

Payment Types

CashAdd a client payment made in Cash.

Stripe Credit CardCharge the client's credit card using Stripe. A line item will be added to the client's Billing page along with the charge. 
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Manual Credit CardAdd a client credit card payment made using a third-party credit card processor. This creates a line item for the payment on the client's Billing page but doesn't run a charge on the card.

CheckAdd a client payment made by check. You can enter the amount and the check number received from the client.

From the Calendar Flyout

Open the calendar flyout amd click the "Add Payment" option.

If an invoice has not yet been generated for the session, the flyout will look like this:




If the session has been invoiced, you'll see the option to "Add Payment" look like this:




From the Client Billing Details Page

Go to Client Profile > Billing

Here you can select the payment method and select the amount.

Then click on "Add Payment" to complete the transaction.




SimplePractice will assign that money to the earliest available invoice and change the invoice status to paid.  



From an Unpaid Invoice

Go to Client Profile > Billing

Click on any Unpaid Invoice to open up that invoice. 



Once the invoice is open, click the "Pay" button.



Enter the payment method and amount received.  Click "Add Payment."



If the full invoice amount was paid, the status will update to Paid.  The payment amount will also appear in the billing details list.




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