Uploading Intake Documents


The documents you upload here will have the option to be shared with any client you choose. If you'd like to learn how to add documents to share with only one client, click here.

Go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal

Click on the Shared Documents and Files tab.  You have multiple options for adding documents that you can later share with your clients.


Here you can:

1. Click on the "Create and customize Intakes, Notes, & Forms" link to create web-based questionnaires for your clients to fill out.

2. Add practice documents to this page, either as text files or as PDF forms.  


About the Text & PDF files

  • When you upload a PDF, you will be asked if you wish to include this form as part of the standard intake forms.  Please uncheck this box if you do not.  You can always check off any of the forms you wish to include when sending the intake
  • Text files (that you build in SP by clicking "Add New") are for signature only when you share those documents with clients.  
  • PDF files that you share can be downloaded, but not filled out or signed by clients.
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