Claim statuses

After submitting a claim (which you can read about here: How to file a claim) you will receive an email update each time the status of your claim changes. The email will be sent to the address you used to create your account. 

You can also check on the status of your claims by going to Billing > Insurance > Claims.



On this page you can see all of your claims listed by the date they were created. To help find a specific claim, adjust the date range, filter by claim status, or search for words within claims.

Once you find the claim you're looking for, you'll see the claim status indicated in the oval tag on each claim. To see more details about a claim just click on it.

 On this page, you can review the full claim form that was submitted and you can see the claim's unique Reference number which we'll ask for if you ever need to send a support ticket about a claim.

Claim History

To see the claim's history, click on the claim status label:

This will expand the page to give you a full history of all electronic status updates sent by the payer.


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