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Adding a new client and navigating your Clients & Contacts list

With SimplePractice, there's no limit to the number of clients you can create and store in your client list. You can create a client from any page in your account, or you can create a client while scheduling their first appointment. 

In this guide, you'll find steps for:

You can also find frequently asked questions below: 

Adding a client

You have three options for adding a new client:

  • Click the +Create button and select Create Client.
  • Click the +Create button and select Create Appointment, and then select +New Client.
  • Click the time block on the Calendar to create a New Appointment, and then select +New Client.

No matter which option you choose, you'll be taken to the Create Client flyout where you can enter the following information:

  • Client Type (Adult or Minor)
    • When you select Adult, you'll have the option to enter this information:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address (Required for Client Portal access)
      • Phone Number
      • Billing Type (Self-Pay or Insurance)
      • Primary Clinician (only for Group Practices)
      • Location of appointments
    • When you select Minor, you'll have the option to enter this information:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Guardian First Name
      • Guardian Last Name
      • Guardian Email Address (Required for Client Portal access)
      • Guardian Phone Number
      • Billing Type (Self-Pay or Insurance)
      • Primary Clinician (only for Group Practices)
      • Location of appointments
  • Click Create & Continue.

Note: If you're creating a new client from a new appointment, you'll then be taken to the New Appointment flyout to confirm and save the appointment details.

Sending an intake

If you've entered an email address for the client and you also have the Client Portal set up, you'll then see the Send Intakes options. It is divided into three steps:

  • Client Items
    • Here you can choose which Consent Documents, Questionnaires, and Profile & Credit Card Forms to send to the client.
    • After you've made your selection, click Continue to Email.
  • Compose Email
    • Here you can customize the email that you send to the client along with your practice documents.

Tip: To adjust the default text of this email for your entire practice, go to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Emails tab and click Edit on the Welcome email. For more information, please see this guide: Sending intake forms and documents to clients. 

Note: You cannot view the text of a customized email later. You can only see that the email was sent in your Account Activity History and in your Emails sent report. You can learn more about Account Activity and Reports here: Account Activity: Tracking changes and information access in your account and Reports: Analytics for your private practice.

      • After you've reviewed and made any changes, click Continue to Review.
    • Review & Send
      • Here you can see that the client will receive Client Portal access, view the Welcome Message, and confirm which items you want to share.
      • After you've reviewed and have made any changes, client Share & Send Now.

You'll then be taken to the client's Overview page where you can view, edit, and manage the billing, documents, and notes for the client. Initially, you'll see the expanded view for the items in the right navigation panel:

From the right navigation panel, you can view, edit, and manage the following information:

  • Billing Overview
  • Add Payment
  • Client Info
  • Contacts
  • Upcoming Appointments
  • Communication Settings
  • Shared with Client
  • Uploaded Files
  • Invoices
  • Billing Documents

By clicking the arrow, you can also minimize or maximize the different options in this navigation panel to make sure you're only seeing the information you need at a given time:

Note: If you'll be submitting electronic claims for the client, you must change the billing type from Self-Pay to Insurance. You can set up the client's insurance information later.

Your Clients & Contacts list allows you to easily access each client's contact information and quickly navigate to their Overview page. This list is separated into Active Clients and Inactive Clients. You can refine your searches here by using the Clients, Contacts, Recently viewed Clients, or Inactive Clients filters. You can also sort these lists by first name or by last name.


How do I remove a duplicate client?

The best way to handle duplicate client files is to make one file inactive and keep one file active. This way you'll retain all client information, but you'll be able to use one file for future documentation. To make a client inactive, follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page > Edit details
  • Deselect the Active Client box


  • Click Save Client

I'm seeing clients from the same family. How do I add a new client with the same email address as another client?

If you're working with children or teenagers, you can add a parent or guardian as a contact. The same contact can be used as a parent or guardian for multiple minor client files. See Enhanced Client Management for Minors to learn how to set this up. 

How are billing documents, intake forms, and appointment reminders sent to minor clients? 

Billing documents can either be sent through the Client Portal or directly via email as a PDF. In both cases, the parent contact will be emailed.

Intake forms are sent to the parent through the Client Portal. When they sign an intake document, their name will be used for the electronic signature on all of these consent documents.


Appointment reminders will be sent to the designated guardian's primary phone number and/or email address listed on the minor client's info page by default.

If you want to send reminders to both a parent and the child, we suggest that you select either voice/text or email for the parent, and the other for the child. There is not currently a way to send both kinds of reminders to both parent and child.

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