How to add a progress notes


For every client appointment, you can add a Progress Note and a Psychotherapy Note from the Session Details page.

Progress & psychotherapy notes

  • Progress Notes are tied to the Medical Record of a Client.
    If you are required to share client records with other professionals or insurance companies, the progress note for each appointment will be included when you print out the note.
  • Psychotherapy notes are not tied to the Medical Record of the Client and do not need to be shared with others except if your records are subpoenaed. 

Adding a progress note

Notes are added on the Session Details page. You can access this page from the calendar or from the client's chart.

Option 1.

  1. Select the appointment from the calendar page.
  2. A link to Add Note will indicate that a note has not yet been written.
  3. Click the link to access the Session Details page.

Option 2.

  1. Go to Clients > Client Name.
  2. Click Add Progress Note button.


How to write your progress and psychotherapy notes

Once you are on the Progress Note page, simply start typing into the blank box provided.  



  1. Click Load Previous Note to load (and edit) the previous note. This'll pull forward your previous appointment's progress note for this client, as shown below.notes-5.png
  2. Once on the Session Details page, type your Progress and/or Psychotherapy notes in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click Save.



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