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Entering your practice settings

The Settings section, as shown below, is where you will enter general information about you and your practice. Here's how to get to the Settings section:

  1. Log in to your SimplePractice account.
  2. Go to My AccountSettings.

The Practice Details section of your SimplePractice App can also be reached using the search function at the top of your app by entering Practice Details and clicking on the search icon.
This article covers the following:

Basic Info

  • Personal Info: This is what is what SimplePractice has on file for your account. This information isn't client-facing, so you can feel free to use your personal email address or phone number if you need to recover your password or verify your account.
  • Clinical Info: This is where you'll store your license information and your NPI.

Practice Details

  • This information is client-facing. When clients need to contact you, this is the information they will see on billing documents and the Client Portal.
  • Enter your office location addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and cancellation policy for your practice.

Billing and Services

  • Tax ID (recommended) or Social Security Number for billing purposes.
  • Organization NPI if you're in a group practice.
  • Determine your preferred billing document settings.
  • Enable AutoPay for all or some of your clients.
  • Add and manage your unique service codes.
  • Set up product fees if you bill clients for any non-calendar based items.
  • Enter in your billing provider information for insurance purposes and even enable including multiple diagnoses on claims and superbills.


Stripe is an app that lets you accept online payments, similar to PayPal, but it makes getting paid even easier.

Unlike with PayPal, your customers don't need an account — all they need is a credit or debit card. Enter their card info once, or collect it in your Client Portal, and it will be saved securely on file. You can even run their card automatically after each session with AutoPay.

Then, your clients' payments are automatically deposited into your bank account so you get paid quicker.

Notes and Forms

With SimplePractice's My Notes and Forms, you can easily design and edit your intake forms and progress notes. These tools are great for creating custom forms, assessments, questionnaires, etc.


The Documents sections allows you to customize the default messages that customers receive from you for billing documents as well as add your logo to those documents.


The Notifications section allows you to control when and how often SimplePractice sends emails to you.

Insurance Providers

When you start managing your insurance through SimplePractice, you will need to notify some payers that you plan to use our software. You can manage the process of any required enrollments directly through SimplePractice in almost all cases, with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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0.3: Accepting Credit Cards
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