Set up practice settings


The Settings section is where you will enter general information about you (license, NPI, etc.) and your practice (practice name, address, timezone, etc.). 

Here is how to get to the Settings section:

  1. Log in to your SimplePractice account.
  2. Go to My Account > Settings, as shown below.


The navigation sidebar contains several sections including Practice Settings, Scheduling, and Client Communication. Under each of these section headers, there are the corresponding links. We'll go through 

Basic Info

  • Personal Info: This is what is what SimplePractice has on file for your account. This information isn't client-facing so you can feel free to use your personal email address or phone number if you need to recover your password or verify your account.
  • Clinical Info: This is where you'll store your license information and your NPI.

Practice Details

  • This information is client-facing.
  • Enter your office location addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for your practice. When clients need to contact you, this is the information they will see on billing documents and the Client Portal.


  • Tax ID (recommended) or Social Security Number for billing purposes.
  • Organization NPI if you're in a group practice.


Sync your SimplePractice calendar with an external calendar such as Google Calendar or iCal. This is currently a one-way sync for security reasons, from SimplePractice to your calendar via a subscription link. Your external calendar will draw appointments from your SimplePractice schedule and display them.

Note: Do not share the subscription link with anyone as it contains the information from your SimplePractice schedule.

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Quick Start Table of Contents

0.1 Set Up Practice Settings
0.2 Import Your Client List
0.3: Accepting Credit Cards
0.4 Send a Client Intake
0.5: Create a Note Template


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