0.2 Import Your Client List


86% of customers who import a client list during their trial, still use SimplePractice to manage their business. So whether you’re switching from another EHR or from a rolodex, let us help you import your clients and experience the life-changing features of SimplePractice.

To get started...

Whether you're coming from another EHR or from paper and pencil records, we make it easy to have your client list imported into your account. We've created a template for you to complete with your client information so that it can be populated right into your practice. You can download the template here!

Please do not email the completed template to us. To ensure HIPAA compliant security, store the template on your Johnny Appleseed test client. To do that, head to the Johnny Appleseed client page and click Store New Document on the right side column. We can retrieve it from there!

While creating your template there are a few things to keep in mind:

-For the most effective import, make sure to complete as many of the fields as are applicable to your clients. Instructions for each field are provided at the top of the column.

-If you're compiling insurance information, make sure that the Insurance Payer field contains the Payer ID associated with the insurance company in SimplePractice. You can locate each company's Payer ID from your *Insurance Providers* page in your Account Settings.

-Previous progress notes, billing documents, existing appointments, and diagnoses aren't able to be imported using this process. Once your clients are imported, you can store any existing documents you'd like  using the Store New Document process above.

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Quick Start Table of Contents

0.1 Set Up Practice Settings
0.2 Import Your Client List
0.3: Accepting Credit Cards
0.4 Send a Client Intake
0.5: Create a Note Template

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