0.5: Create a Note Template


Note Templates are an exceptional way to develop your own prompts for progress notes as well as in-office assessments. Rather than typing out a progress note into a blank field, you can create a template for completion, especially if you standardize all of your notes!


To customize your templates, head to your My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms page.

Select "Create New Template" and then select "for Progress Notes."

To begin adding fields to your note template click "Add Question.”

Types of Template Questions

When creating your template, you will have 4 options for the type of question you wish to add.  

  1. Open Question:lets you enter a free form answer. (i.e. Current Symptoms or Session Content)
  2. Single Choice: allows you to create a question where you can select only one answer.  This type of question creates radio buttons.
  3. Multiple Choice: allows you to create a question in which you can select multiple answers.  Check boxes are created when you select this type of question.  
  4. Text Fields: allows you to create sub-heading with short answer boxes.  

Writing Notes with Your Templates

Your note templates are found in the Progress Note field for every client session. To use your template in a session note, go to the Session Detail page from either the calendar by clicking the Note icon on the calendar event or from the client's chart by clicking on Add Progress Note.

Quick Start Table of Contents

0.1 Set Up Practice Settings
0.2 Import Your Client List
0.3: Accepting Credit Cards
0.4 Send a Client Intake
0.5: Create a Note Template

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