Create a note template


Note templates are an exceptional way to develop your own prompts for progress notes as well as in-office assessments. Rather than typing out a progress note into a blank field, you can create a customized template.

Customizing your note templates

Here's how to customize your note templates:

  1. Log into your SimplePractice account.
  2. Click My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms.
  3. Select Create New Template and then select for Progress Notes.
  4. Click Add Question to begin adding fields to your template.

Questions types

SimplePractice offers several types of question to choose from, including: 

  • Paragraph,
  • Single Choice (Radio Buttons),
  • Multiple Choice (Checkboxes),
  • Drop Down, and 
  • Short Text Response 

FYI: To include a Drop Down or Short Text Response, you must first select Short Answer.

The next section provides additional information about the different question types.


Use this question type for more open-ended questions that may result in responses of a few sentences or paragraphs.

Single Choice (Radio Buttons)

This type is used for questions that allow only one response. Here's an example:

Multiple Choice (Checkboxes)

This question type allows clients to select more than one response. Here's an example:


Short Answers

There are currently two questions types nested under this type: Drop Down and Short Text Entry.

Drop Down

Drop Down questions are used for single-select questions, similar to the Single Choice (Radio Buttons) question type. The primary difference is that the Drop Down question type takes up much less space. Here is an example of a Drop Down:


Short Text Entry

Also located under Short Answers, this question type gives clients a single-line text input area for shorter responses.

Writing notes with your templates

Your note templates are found in the Progress Note field for every client session. Here's how to use your template in a session note:

  1. Click the Note icon on the event on the calendar, or
  2. Click Add Progress Note from a client's chart.
  3. Navigate to the Session Detail page.

Quick Start Table of Contents

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0.2 Import Your Client List
0.3: Accepting Credit Cards
0.4 Send a Client Intake
0.5: Create a Note Template



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