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How 2-way Sync with Google Calendar works

2-way Sync is our fastest, most reliable sync yet. Once you connect your SimplePractice calendar to your Google Calendar, you'll be able to schedule non-client events and manage your client appointments directly in Google. It just got a whole lot easier to manage your personal and work schedules all from the same place. 


How 2-way Sync works:

  • Once your SimplePractice Calendar is connected to your Google Calendar, you'll see a new calendar appear in your My Calendars section called "SimplePractice":

SimplePractice should now be listed in the My calendars section of your Google Calendar

You'll also see that all of your SimplePractice appointments now appear in Google in the same color. This is a direct Google Calendar, rather than a calendar subscription, which means that you can make changes to it that appear inside of SimplePractice!


How to Schedule Clients Using Google Calendar:

Any appointment you create on your "SimplePractice" calendar in Google Calendar will appear as a non-client Other appointment in your SimplePractice account. 

1. Create an event in Google Calendar in the time-slot that you'd like to reserve for your client. 

Create an event in the Google calendar and confirm details on the flyout

This event can include instructions like "Schedule (Client) for Therapy." You'll then see this event saved to your Google Calendar: 

How the event looks like when it is saved on your Google Calendar

2. Return to your SimplePractice calendar. You'll see that this event was created as an Other (non-client) appointment:

The saved Google Calendar event is saved as a gray Other (non-client) appointment in the SimplePractice Calendar

3. Delete this Other appointment, and create a Client Appointment for this client, containing all the important billing and client info only available inside of SimplePractice:

Create a new appointment within SimplePractice and fill out the details on the flyout

Once you save the session, your client will be scheduled:

Once the session is saved, the client will be scheduled and the appointment will appear blue SimplePractice calendar

And you'll be able to see the session in Google as a client appointment: 

The newly created appointment will show up on your Google Calendar as a client appointment

Modifying Appointments in Google:

As long as your session isn't locked, you can move it around in Google by clicking and dragging on the calendar:

You can click and drag unlocked sessions in the Google Calendar

And you'll see that the change is reflected in SimplePractice:

Any changes you make in the Google Calendar will show up on you SimplePractice calendar and vice-versa

This way, you can move appointments directly from your Google calendar, without the need to log into your SimplePractice account! 


Recurring Series

Recurring event series need to be created in SimplePractice first. You can learn more about how to create a recurring series here

Once you create the series, all appointments will appear in your Google Calendar. 

You can still move a session that's part of a recurring series in Google. Note that doing this, only moves that specific session. The session is broken off of your regular recurring series, and the rest of the series remains unaffected. 

Let's take a look at this example:

I see Max every Thursday at noon, so I've already set up this series in SimplePractice:

A recurring appointment in the SimplePractice calendar

Max can't see me on Thursday the 24th, so we schedule him for Friday the 25th. I can do this very easily by clicking and dragging the appointment in Google Calendar:

You can click and drag recurring appointments in the SimplePractice calendar

When I look at my Google Calendar, I can see that Max's appointment has moved on that date:

The session scheduling changes made in the SimplePractice calendar are reflected on your Google Calendar

But his future sessions in the series are still intact on Thursdays: 


You can move as many individual sessions as you'd like in Google, and the remaining sessions in the series will stay in the same time slot. 


Did you know you can also share your calendar with your team in Google? Learn more here: Share your Google Calendar with your team




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