Delete a 1-way Synced Calendar from Google

If you've used your Secure Calendar URL to set up a 1-way Sync with Google Calendar, this article will show you how to delete that sync. Once you delete your calendar, you can set up your improved 2-way Sync!

Removing a Subscribed Calendar from Google:

1. Access your Google Calendar and find the Other calendars section on the left side of the calendar. 

2. Click on the small arrow icon, then click Settings.

Select Settings after clicking the small arrow in the Other calendars section of your Google Calendar

3. On your Calendar Settings page scroll down to the Other Calendars section and find the SimplePractice calendar. 

4. Click on Unsubscribe in the column on the right side of the page: 

Click the blue Unsubscribe link on the SimplePractice calendar in your Google Calendar Settings

5. Click the Unsubscribe button in the message that pops up:

Confirm that you want to unsubscribe from the SimplePractice calendar

6. Your SimplePractice calendar will now be removed from Google Calendar.



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