Team members: clinician access levels

Note: Adding other Clinicians as team members is available with the Professional Plan for Groups. Click here to see SimplePractice plans and pricing.

You have full control over which information other clinicians in your practice can see, and which settings they are able to access. This article compares the permissions granted to each Clinician Access Level. 

A Clinician with Basic Access + Billing cannot see full practice client lists, client charts nor appointment details for other clinicians in the practice. In order to see any client information, the clinician must be granted Client Access


The following chart breaks down what information the various Clinician roles can access:

Download a full-sized PDF of the chart here.


What Settings menus look like for...

Clinicians with Full Client List Access, Clinicians with Basic Access (+Billing):

Clinicians who don't have Administrator Access will be able to access settings for their own Basic Info, Calendar (including external calendar sync), and Notifications


Clinicians with Administrator Access:

Clinicians with Administrator Access can access all Practice Settings except those reserved for the Account Owner.



Account Owners

The person who creates the SimplePractice account will automatically be considered the Account Owner. As an account owner, you will have all of the access of a Clinician with Administrator Access, plus the Administration Settings. This user is the only one who will have access to the Administration Settings  which include the following:

  • Billing Information 
  • Data Export
  • Team Members
  • Business Documents


 Note: Account ownership CANNOT be transferred. 


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