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Client access and changing access levels

Client access and changing access levels

Having client access means that you're either the Primary Clinician for a client, or you've been granted access to that client. Access to a specific client can be granted by the client's Primary Clinician or any Clinician with Administrator Access in the practice, as well as a Practice Manager. Granting client access to another clinician in your practice allows you to collaborate with that clinician.

Granting client access:

The following steps will show you how to grant client access to a clinician:

  • Navigate to a client's Overview page, then click Edit.
  • Scroll down the Clinician section and check the box next to the clinician's name for whom you're granting access.

Select the clinican you want to grant access to in the Clinician section of SimplePractice

  • Click Save Client. This is what other clinicians' schedules will look like to a Clinician with Basic Access + Billing:

A clinician with Basic Access (+Billing) can see other clinician's schedules in the calendar


As you can see above, the clinician can see that clinicians BM and JL have sessions at 11 AM, but client names are hidden. 

Note: A clinician will only be able to see a client's name on the calendar if they have access to a specific client.

Changing access levels

Switching a clinician's access level is easy:

  • Go to Settings > Team Members page. 
  • Click on the name of the team member you'd like to change.
  • Click the option for the access level you'd like to switch them to (for example, Basic Access + Billing).
    You can change a clinician's access on the Roles page in SimplePractice
  • Click Update Team Member

Clinicians with Basic Access + Billing will only be able to see client and appointment information for other clients in your practice if they are granted access to that client by the client's Primary Clinician

This means that if a clinician isn't granted client access and you have previously assigned them to appointments with that client, but you're changing their access level to Clinician with Basic Access, these sessions will need to be reassigned. You'll see the following message:

If a clinician without client access has scheduled sessions, they need to be reassigned

You'll be prompted to either delete or reassign the clinician's sessions, unless that clinician is granted client access.

Note: You can learn more about clinician roles and access levels here: Team member roles and access levels.

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