How do I retract a submitted claim?

When you submit a claim, it's sent to the payer immediately. There is no way for you to retract the claim once it has been submitted. You can try to reach out to the payer to explain the situation so they don't process the claim and you can submit a new one.

If you submitted the claim to the wrong payer, simply delete the original claim. Update the client's information to add the correct payer, create a new claim and submit it. Make sure that box 22 has the "original" option selected on it and the "original ref. no." box is blank.

If the payer ends up processing the claim that was sent with the wrong information, you will need to submit a corrected claim. To do this, simply create a claim and edit box 22 so that the "resubmission" option is selected. Also in box 22, make sure that the "original ref. no." box includes the reference number for the original claim you submitted. You can find that as the Payer Control Number or Reference Number in the EOB the payer sent you for that claim.



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