Subscriber and subscriber id not found rejection message

So your claim was rejected and you received this rejection message: Subscriber and subscriber id not found.


Here's a quick guide to troubleshoot this:


1. Verify that the client's information on the claim matches the information on their member id card. 

  1. Double check the member id card on the claim form to ensure you didn't make any mistakes. 
  2. Enter the member id without any spaces or dashes in it.
  3. Make sure the client's Name, Middle name or initial, and last name matches their insurance card.

If you find that you made any of these mistakes on your original claim, simply click on Edit to Resubmit, update the information and submit that updated claim.


2. Make sure you're filing your claims to the correct payer. 

One of the most common mistakes we see has to do with the fact that customers are filing claims to the wrong payer especially when dealing with BCBS clients. 

When you’re working with BCBS clients, you should always file your claims to your local Blue Cross Blue Shield payer. Even when a client brings in a BCBS member id card from out of state, you should enter in their profile that their insurance company is your local BCBS payer so your claims get processed.

For example, let’s say you’re located in Hawaii and you have a client shows up with a BCBS insurance card from California. When you enter their insurance information you will need to ensure that the insurance company in their profile is BCBS of HI. Once you file the claims to BCBS of HI, the payer will route the claims internally to the correct branch to ensure that you get paid.

If you submitted a claim to the wrong payer you'll have to delete the original claim, update the insurance company in the client's profile, create a new claim and submit. 



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