When I submit claims via SP, how will I get paid?

Insurance companies will continue to pay you in the same way they did prior to your using SimplePractice. 

Note: SimplePractice does not have insight into the transfer of funds to your bank account because we never see or touch the money for claims. It is important to note that it isn't uncommon for a payment report to post before the payment hits your account. If more than a week passes after you receive a payment report and you haven't receive the payment, we recommend that you follow up with the payer. 

Payments are either deposited directly into the practice's bank account or the payer sends a paper check to the practice. 

  • Paper checks. By default, insurance payers will send a paper check to the address in box 33 of your claim form as they have that address on file.
  • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT). Most payers provide the option to receive your claim payment via direct deposit to a designated bank account. Contact the payer directly to see if this is an option, and if so, how to enroll. 

Tip: Contact a payer directly to inquire about direct deposit as the process varies depending on the payer. 





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