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Adding a credit card processing fee to invoices

Some customers opt to pass along the credit card processing fees to their clients. In some states this practice is illegal, so verify the laws that govern card acceptance in your state before you add fees to your credit invoices.

Creating a credit card processing fee as a product

Here is how to add the processing fee to a client invoice:

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Products.
  2. Enter a name for the fee such as Credit Card Processing Fee or Credit Card Surcharge.
  3. Enter a fixed price. (You can easily change the price on the invoice when adding the fee to the invoice - we'll get to that later in the steps. There is not a way to add a percentage.)
  4. Return to the Client's Billing Page and open the client's invoice (or create a new invoice for the session if one is not already made).
  5. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. (If you do not see an edit button, check if the invoice has a green Paid stamp displaying on it. If it does, you will need to delete the invoice and create a new invoice.)
  6. 6. Click Add Line Item just below the session fee on the invoice. A menu will pop up that allows you to select the product to add to the invoice.Adding a credit card processing fee as a line item on an invoice in SimplePractice
  7. Click the Add button. Once added, you will have the option to edit the fee to adjust it for the fee you want to charge the client.Click the blue +Add button to add the newly created product as a line item in an invoice
  8. Click Save button in the upper right corner of the screen.

That's it! Now your invoice includes a credit card processing fee.

Note: SimplePractice has created a Stripe Calculator to help you set your rates and ensure that you are able to properly plan to reach your target income. You can access and make a copy of it from here: SP Stripe Calculator.

Is it legal?

Customers often ask us for advice about the legality of this practice (i.e., passing credit card fees on to clients).  

The best way to get an answer to this question is to ask a lawyer. However, we can provide some information that is widely available on this issue. 

As of April 2018, surcharges are illegal across the board in these states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oklahoma

The legality of these states’ bans could change at any time, so it's up to providers to be aware of their state laws before applying these fees or surcharges to client invoices.

Note: Please note that this is general information only and we do not intend for you to use any of it as legal advice or guidance. Nor do we intend for you to use it in lieu of seeking appropriate legal counsel.

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