Part 1 - Enter your clinical info, practice settings, and billing settings.


Setting up your account correctly will ensure your success with SimplePractice and understand how the system works. In this section, we’ll go over the most important sections for you to get started. This should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. There's just three sections you'll want to go over.

1. Basic Info + Clinical Info

The Basic Info section contains two sections. Personal Info and Clinical Info. The Personal Info section includes the information you entered when you signed up. You won’t need to update anything here right now.

You’ll enter your License information and NPI number in the Clinical Info section. This information will display on your documentation as well as superbills and CMS1500 forms. It’s important to enter this information correctly so you don’t run into any issues if you plan to file claims. Make sure to click on Save to save any changes you’ve made.


2. Practice Details

Now we’re ready to enter in all the details about your practice. There’s just 4 quick things you’ll want to add here. Your Practice Name will display on billing documents and in the Client Portal. Practice Email is the email address your client’s will see as a reply to email address when they receive messages from you. Leave this blank if you don’t want clients to see your email address. Enter in your Phone Number as well in order for clients to be able to call you. Add your address in the Office section. Make sure to click on Save to save any changes you’ve made.


3. Billing Settings Section

Now this section might appear to be a bit overwhelming, but in this guide, we’re just going to focus on the basics to get your started. First, let’s start on the Settings tab in the Billing section. You’ll want to add you Tax ID or SS# here for billing documents and claims. Next, you’ll set up Invoice Automation. We recommend keeping this on Daily even if you don’t give your clients an invoice because the system needs invoices to know what you are billing the client.


After that, click on the Services tab to edit services codes and add any other service codes you plan to use. There’s more settings in the Billing section that you’ll be able to go over later, but for now you’re ready to go with the basics!

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