How to use Secure Messaging with clients

Once Secure Messaging is enabled for a client, communicating via our secure, HIPAA Compliant system is easy. You can communicate via Secure Messaging on either a desktop computer or on your mobile device’s default browser.

Messages sent to clients will trigger an email containing a quick login link that will enable the client to bypass the login process of inputting their username and password for 15 minutes. This allows them to receive and respond to your secure message quickly and easily from their desktop or mobile device.

Here is how clinicians are able to message clients from SimplePractice:

On any page, look for the Secure Notes icon on the top right. When you press it, your Secure Messages will start up. The first time, it will look like this:

After you have used Secure Messaging, when you open the icon, your past conversations will automatically open:

You can either select one of your past conversations to continue, or you can choose to start a new conversation by selecting the New Message icon in the top right:

You will then see a list of clients and Team Members who you've recently messaged, as well as a Search Bar:

Once you select a client to message, you will see the option to Enable Secure Messaging to start the chat:

Or, if that client’s Secure Messaging has already been enabled, you can just start writing your Secure Message:
When you send a Secure Message, your client will receive an email alerting them that you’ve messaged them:

They can then open the email from either their desktop or, as in this example, from their mobile device. They will be able to view the message and reply back without having to sign in for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, clients will have to enter their Client Portal username and password to log in and access your message. We require these credentials in order to keep messaging HIPAA compliant:

You will see their response in your Secure Messages and will be alerted by an orange dot next to the Secure Message icon. You can now use Secure Messaging as a HIPAA compliant text/instant message service!

To re-enable Secure Messaging for a client

If a client unsubscribes from Secure Messaging accidentally or would like to re-enable it, he or she can re-enable these by replying START in the text thread.

If the client has deleted the text reminder thread, there isn't a way for the client to re-enable from his or her end. The clinician instead will need to delete the client's phone number in the account, save the page, then re-add the phone number, and check the Text message ok box again in the Client Info tab.

To Disable Secure Messaging for a client

With that being said, the client's phone carrier might still block the number if a client has previously unsubscribed. Your client will need to reach out directly to their carrier to see if there is anything that can be done.

To unsubscribe from Secure Messaging, a client can reply STOP in the text thread.

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