SimplePractice Product Roadmap

At SimplePractice, we're dedicated to helping customers build successful practices, and we work continuously to update our product to better support them.

Our Product Roadmap shows you what we're currently working on, what we plan to release this year, and details on how these enhancements will improve the product for our customers. Check this often to see what's coming up.

Please note that priorities may change, as the nature of technology and the needs of our community require us to be nimble. We'll keep you posted!

In Progress

  •  Export Card Transactions Report
    • Export your Card Transactions report as a CSV file ready for import into your accounting software or to reconcile your payouts.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Edit Stripe Payout Schedule
    • Currently every new Stripe account is set to receive payouts every day, as soon as the funds are made available. With this enhancement, you will have more control over when you get paid, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Ability to see estimated payout date for future payouts
    • In the Payout report, you will soon have the ability to see when your next payout is expected to be deposited in your bank account, even as funds are still being collected.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Access list of transactions in payouts from the Card Transactions report
    • This will allow clinicians and billers to view and manage their transactions included in every payout from the Transactions report. This functionality is already available from the Payout report.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Add a “Net” column on Card Transactions report
    • You can currently view the total amount charged to the client and the Stripe fee directly next to it. A new column will soon be added to net out those two columns, displaying the total amount you will receive from that transaction.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  •  Structured note templates on mobile app
    • This update will allow you to use your custom note templates when entering notes through the SimplePractice mobile app.   (Mobile)
  • Logging in to the Client Portal with one email for multiple clients
    • This is a major enhancement to our Client Portal workflow for families. Guardians and parents of clients will now be able to use one email address to access the Client Portal on behalf of their kids or minor dependents. With this update, clients in SimplePractice will more inherently be connected.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Client App for Secure Messaging
    • This will allow clients to securely send and retrieve Secure Messages with a standalone app. Push notifications on their phone will lead to more streamlined and real-time communication with clinicians.   (Mobile)


Later This Year

  • Sending intake to minor client and guardian
    • This update will allow you to send your minor client an intake and also their parent/guardian a separate intake. When completed, both will be available for viewing on the client chart. Your client, even if they are a minor can now have their own login to the Client Portal.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Detailed Payments Received by Clinicians Report (for Group Practices)
    • This update will allow practices to see which specific appointments are being accounted for when calculating payroll and the total payments made to clinicians.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Manual insurance adjustments
    • This will allow you to enter negative insurance payments (adjustments) manually in the case that the insurance payer retracts payment.   (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)

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