Getting started guides for your clients

Download the following guides to share with your clients. These guides provide instructions on how to log into the Client Portal and use its various features. 

  1. How to Log in to the Client Portal
    Step by step instructions on how to log into the Client Portal for the first time, along with troubleshooting tips.
  2. How to use Secure Messaging
    A full overview for your clients on how clients can use Secure Messaging to communicate with you. 
  3. How to Request Appointments
    The entire Online Booking process covered, so your clients can easily request appointments. 
  4. How to Pay your Bills in the Client Portal
    Details how clients can view their payment history and billing documents, and even make credit card payments. 

If there are any other guides that you'd like to see that would be helpful resources for your clients, send us a message through our Help Center.

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