Does SimplePractice have a ROI/Authorization form for consent that I can use?


We don't have a preloaded Release of Information form within SimplePractice, but this guide will show you how to create this Authorization for Consent form in your SimplePractice intake library.There's essentially two ways you can add your own ROI form to your SimplePractice intake library to send over to your client's through their portal. At this time, we don't have electronic forms that can be created that your client's can fill out digitally through their portal and electronically sign. 

For now, depending on your preferred method, there's two ways you can create this form in your intake library for your client's consent.

Head over to your intake library by going to My Account > Settings > Client Portal > Shared Documents & FormsSettings_-_SimplePractice.png

This is your Shared Library.

You'll not only be able to manage and edit these electronic intake documents from here, but also create documents for either electronic signature or add any preexisting documents that you may have been using in your practice and would still like to use. For example, if you created a ROI form already within a program like Microsoft Word, where you've customized the text and have a logo added. You've spent a lot of time on this document, and you can still use it! For this document, or any other preexisting form that you may have created, you can upload this as a PDF. 

Adding your ROI as a PDF document:





Any PDF form that you add to your library can be sent over to your client's client portal, but they won't be able to fill these documents out digitally there. Any PDF file that you send to your client through their portal, they can print and fill out/sign manually. Whether that's at home or in office with you. This feature also comes in handy if you have forms that you may prefer client's fill out with you during a session. After they've filled out and completed this form with their signature and you have scanned the document, you can then upload it to their client file within their At-A-Glance on their Overview page. 



ROI form for electronic signature only:

Settings_-_SimplePractice.pngThe other way you can create your Release of Information form within your intake library, is by creating an electronic form for signature. To do this click +Create Signable Form 


This is essentially the same template as the Privacy Practices, Informed Consent For Psychotherapy and Practice Policies documents already in your intake library. This is a text only document that you can send to your clients for their electronic signature. Once they sign these with their consent electronically, they will upload directly to the Stored area of their At-A-Glance

These directions would also apply to any release form you might like to create or continue using within SimplePractice. 


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