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"Email has already been taken" error when adding team member

If you try to use an email that has already been used to sign into SimplePractice, you will receive a red banner message at the top of the page telling you so


If you receive the "Email has already been taken" error message when trying to invite a new team member to your practice, this means the email address is already in use for another SimplePractice account. This could be because the email owner has a personal SimplePractice account or is a team member that is part of another practice.

Team members need a unique email address for each of their accounts. If an email is taken, that email can't be used to add the team member to your practice.

Note: If your team member's email is taken, you'll need to ask your team member to give you a different email address. If they do not have another email address, we suggest that they create a new email address using a free service like Gmail.

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