Using Zoom for One-to-One sessions and video call screen shares

If you're scheduled for a SimplePractice One-to-One or a video call screen share with a Product Specialist, you'll be connecting with one of our team members through Zoom. Zoom offers the best video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.

Using Zoom for video calls and screen-sharing makes is really easy to demonstrate how to use SimplePractice, and also for you to show us what you might be having trouble with while using your account.

This guide includes information related to common questions about using Zoom.

Note: Zoom is a secure HIPAA compliant video call and screen share platform.

Installing Zoom

If you're using Zoom for the first time, you'll want to give yourself a few extra minutes before your scheduled session.

All you need to do is click the Zoom link in your One-to-One confirmation email or the link in the email that the Product Specialist sent. Follow any on-screen prompts and Zoom will install in a matter of minutes.

Using Zoom

It's easy to use Zoom to connect with the Product Specialists at your scheduled time.

  1. Click the link in your One-to-One confirmation email or the link in the email that the Product Specialist sent.
  2. Once Zoom opens, click Join Audio Conference by Computer to allow the Product Specialist to hear you.Click the green Join Audio Conference by Computer button to allow your voice to be heard
  3. Hover over the Zoom window and select Start Video in the lower left corner of the Zoom window, as shown below.

Select the Start Video option

Enabling your Security & Privacy settings on a Mac

When accessing Zoom from a Mac computer, check to make sure your computer’s Privacy & Security settings are properly enabled to allow screen-sharing through Zoom.

To do so, you will need to navigate to your computer’s System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording and select the checkbox alongside the app:


Sharing your screen

  1. While using Zoom, hover over the Zoom window and select Share Screen, as shown below.You can also share your screen so you can show others what you're doing by selecting the Share Screen option in green
  2. Select the window or app that you would like to share (We recommend Desktop).
  3. Click Share in the lower right corner of the select window, as shown below.

Once you've selected what you want to share, click the blue Share button on the bottom right corner to apply the changes

Meeting is locked by host

If the meeting is locked by host, this means the Product Specialist is currently speaking to another customer. If it's a few minutes to your meeting time, they are likely just wrapping up with another customer and will be ready to speak to you shortly.

Waiting for host to join

If you see this message, this means the Product Specialist will join at the scheduled meeting time. If it's a couple minutes past your scheduled meeting time, the Product Specialist may be finishing up with another customer.





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