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Improving your Monarch profile ranking

Improving your Monarch profile ranking

Monarch is designed to connect therapy seekers with the care they need, when they need it. With Monarch, our mission is to optimize the experience for people seeking mental health resources and support, while giving every therapist a fair chance to attract new clients.

To accomplish this, we leverage an ever-evolving algorithm to ensure fairness in how therapist profiles are displayed in the Monarch Directory. The algorithm accounts for several factors, including profile completeness, therapist availability, and location, while also accounting for randomization so that similar profiles are weighted and displayed equally. 

Note: To learn more about updating your information for your Monarch profile and the Professional Website, see Updating your Public Information settings.

In this guide, we’ll cover a few tips to help improve the quality and ranking of your Monarch profile:

Tip: For additional suggestions on how to make your Monarch profile stand out further, see Best practices for your Monarch profile.

Uploading a clear, high-resolution profile photo

A good first impression with prospective clients starts with a great headshot. To upload a profile photo:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Profile
  • Click Edit next to the profile photo
  • Click Choose image or drag and drop an image into the Profile Image box 


  • Click Save

Writing an authentic biography

An authentic biography tells prospective clients who you are and why you might be the right fit for them. To add your biography:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Profile
  • Click Edit in the Your Introduction section


  • Enter your bio in the Your Public Bio field


  • Click Save & Continue

Tip: For an effective biography, focus on how you can serve prospective clients and keep it to 3 to 6 sentences.

Adding your specialities and services

Your profile is your first chance to connect with prospective clients. By including an accurate list of your specialties and services, you can provide transparency into your unique offerings.

To add your specialties and services:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Profile
  • Click Edit in the Focus Areas section
  • Enter a focus area in the search field and select it from the dropdown menu


Note: If a focus area isn’t populating in the dropdown menu, select Create a new entry? to add it to your list.

  • Click the 6 dots next to a focus area and drag it to change the order it appears in
    • The first 5 focus areas on your list will be labeled as your Specialties on Monarch and will be searchable by therapy seekers
  • Click Save & Continue

Allowing online appointment requests

Online appointment requests allow prospective clients to book with you. Many therapists offer initial consultations that therapy seekers can request through Monarch instead of a full appointment.

Maintaining up-to-date availability and responding to online appointment requests in a timely manner can help ensure that therapy seekers are able to access care when they need it.

To learn how to enable and customize your online appointment request settings, see Enabling online appointment requests.

Using Online Payments

Our integrated Online Payments system offers an easy way to process payments within SimplePractice. Profiles with Online Payments stand out to therapy seekers looking for convenience when they’re booking with a therapist. Accepting credit cards also reduces no-show rates.

To learn how to set up your Online Payments account, see Getting started with Online Payments.

Enabling Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is a safe, HIPAA compliant way for you to securely communicate with your clients. With Secure Messaging enabled, you’ll let therapy seekers know you’re open and committed to being of service to them.

For more information on using Secure Messaging with your clients, see Getting started with Secure Messaging.

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