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Updates to the left navigation menu

Updates to the left navigation menu

We released enhancements to the left navigation menu, which was previously only accessible from the calendar. The left navigation menu can now be accessed from any page within the menu or from the account Settings, without having to return to the calendar. This menu is collapsible, and includes the relocation of Appointment Requests and Marketing Settings.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: We made these enhancements based on customer feedback and to make the platform easier to navigate. With these changes, we’ve provided a cleaner look with more consistency across the menus, tables, calendar, and more. If you’re interested in how our team uses customer feedback, please see Customer feedback: How a customer idea can become a feature in SimplePractice.

New enhancements 

With the new navigation menu, you’ll see:

  • A cleaner look, including a navigation menu that fits to page, is scrollable, and can be collapsed
  • Relocated Appointment Requests, to make sure time-sensitive notifications are readily available at a glance
  • Moved Marketing Settings, so you can more easily manage our integrated marketing features from one place

Appointment Requests

Previously, appointment requests were located on the top navigation bar. Now, you can click Requests above Marketing on the left navigation menu:


Note: Appointment request settings are still located at Settings > Client Portal > Settings. For more information, see Enabling online appointment requests.

Marketing settings

Previously, marketing settings were located within your Settings. Now, your directory, profile, website, and domain are located on the left navigation menu under Marketing:


Note: Marketing settings are only available for the Plus and Essential plans

For more information about marketing settings, see Updating your Public Information settings.

Collapsing and expanding the left navigation menu

The left navigation menu can be collapsed to make it easier to navigate your settings and calendar accessible pages. To do this, click the two left arrows next to the navigation menu:


If you’ve collapsed the left navigation menu, and would like to expand it, click the two right arrows next to the menu to reopen it:


Note: Privacy settings were previously located in the bottom left corner of the calendar page. To toggle Privacy On or Off, you can now click the gear icon in the top right corner.privacysettings.simplepractice.gearicon.png

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