Information required to file a claim



Every insurance company is a little different in what they require on a claim for reimbursement. So we can't say for sure what the insurance company will require, however to create a claim in SimplePractice there’s a minimum amount of information you'll need to have on file.


Information required from client

1) First and Last name

2) Phone number

3) Address

4) Birth Date

5) Gender

6) The client's insurance company

7) The client's Member ID number (enter it without any spaces or dashes)


If you try to create an individual claim and some of this information is missing, you'll see an error message indicating what additional information’s required:

Where to collect this information

All this information is collected and stored in the client info page. You can get there by clicking on the client's name and then clicking the Edit Client Info link in the upper right:

Required provider information

To create a claim, there’s also some provider information that’s required:

1) Provider Name

2) Phone Number

3) Office Address

4) NPI number

5) Social Security or Tax ID Number


All of this provider information is collected in the Practice Details area which you can access by clicking on My Account > Settings.

Now that you've collected all the required information. You can get started creating and filing claims. Read these articles to learn more: Creating and Printing a CMS 1500 (HCFA) form & How to file a claim.


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