Entering a copayment in SimplePractice

First, make sure you have entered a Co-Pay amount in the INSURANCE area on the Client’s BILLING AND INSURANCE page. (If you haven’t done this, read this article.) 


Then, from the CALENDAR, click on the Client Session you want to add a co-payment to. On the session flyout, click the ADD PAYMENT link. 

The Co-Pay amount should be visible here and you can then Select the payment type (Cash, Check, Credit Card, or STRIPE) and click the ADD PAYMENT button. 

Then click DONE. 


You can also enter a Co-Pay from the client’s billing detail page. Just enter it in the Add Payment section like you would any other payment.



If you change an existing client's billing type to "Insurance pays me" only new sessions you set in the calendar will recognize this new billing type and be applied to the insurance provider's balance. Sessions that were previously set in the calendar will not recognize this new billing type and will still be applied to the client's balance.

After changing an existing client's billing type to "Insurance pays me" you must delete and recreate the upcoming sessions that were previously set in the calendar. This means that if you have a recurring appointment for the client, you must delete the future sessions in the series and recreate the series with the client's new billing type set.

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