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Troubleshooting undelivered client emails

Troubleshooting undelivered client emails

If you want to investigate why a client didn't receive an email that was sent through SimplePractice, you can follow these steps: 

This report will show you all emails sent from your SimplePractice account to the Account Owner, team members, and clients from the past 30 days. 


These are the statuses you may see in this report and what you can do to troubleshoot:  

  • Delivered: This means that the email was successfully delivered to the client's email address. 
    • Recommendation: Ask your client to check their spam or junk folder. 
  • Deferred or In Queue: These statuses mean that the email is in line to be sent.
    • Recommendation: There is no action needed from your end.
  • Sent: This means that the client's email service accepted the email. The email wasn’t returned.
    • Recommendation: Ask your client to check their spam or junk folder. 
  • Rejected: This means that the client's email service didn’t accept this email. This can happen for one of 2 reasons:
    • The client's email address bounces - meaning that the address is typed incorrectly and doesn't exist, or
    • The client marked one of the previous emails from SimplePractice as spam.
      • Recommendation: If the email address is definitely entered correctly, then have your client check their spam folder as well as their email settings. Clients may accidentally mark an email as spam which will prevent future delivery. Once they remove SimplePractice from their spam list, emails should resume being delivered to their inbox.
  • Dropped: Spam Reporting Address: This means that the client’s email service marked the email as spam automatically.

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