Writing notes for a couples session


Once you've created a couples session in the calendar and completed the session, you'll want to create notes that are shared between the two clients.

  1. Go to the session detail page for the couples session. You can get here by clicking on the note icon in the calendar session, clicking on the Add Note link in the session flyout, or by clicking on the session time from the client detail page for either of the clients.couplesnote-1.png
  2. Type and save your notes for the couples session:couplesnote-2.png
  3. The notes will be saved in both clients' records:


 Delete a couples note

Since the note you created for this couples session is saved to both clients' accounts, you'll need to delete it from both accounts too.

Just navigate to the session detail page for the couples appointment and click the "Delete" button when you hover over the note. If you've locked the note, you won't be able to delete it.


After clicking the delete button, the note is deleted from both the primary client and the secondary client's files.  


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