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Selecting the correct insurance provider

It's important to assign the right insurance company to your clients on their Billing and Insurance tab. This will help you generate superbills, CMS claim forms, and submit online claims.

To get started, scan or photograph your client's insurance ID card for reference. You can then upload it to the client's file for safe keeping.

Read the front and back of the client's ID card to see if there are any special online filing instructions indicating what company claims should be sent to. If there are no special instructions, you'll file claims with the insurance company printed on the front of the ID card.

From the client's Billing and Insurance tab use the search feature in the drop down menu to find the company name printed on the client's ID card.

Searching for an insurance company in SimplePractice


You can search by any word in the insurance company name. So you could search for "Anthem," "Blue Cross," or "California" and see all the providers with that word in the name:

Searching for an insurance company using a broad search term in SimplePractice


Then you can refine the search even further by including additional words.

Refining a search for an insurance company in SimplePractice


Insurance companies sometimes print their names differently from one client's insurance card to the next. For this reason, we group together different names that we know the insurance company uses for the same plan. That's why you may see a group of insurance names that all look fairly similar.



If the insurance company name on the client ID card seems to be a close match with one of the names you find in SimplePractice, then go ahead and select that one from the list.

If none of the options seem to match the one you're looking for, you can always add an insurance company yourself. Just remember that any company you add yourself won't be available for online claim filing. Read this article to learn more: Adding an insurance provider.


Insurance company addresses

For online claim filing, the insurance company address isn't used. (Except in rare cases.) So, if you'll be filing claims online, you don't need to verify the address of the insurance company you select from the drop-down menu.

If you want to change or add an address to an insurance company, this article will show you how.

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