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Creating claims for secondary insurance

In our continuing efforts to enhance our secondary claims feature, we are asking providers to submit secondary claims outside of SimplePractice so they can get paid as soon as possible. Please review this guide and reach out to our Insurance Team if you have any questions: A message from your Insurance Team

In SimplePractice you can create claims for secondary insurance after you've added your client's secondary insurance information and have successfully submitted a primary claim.

After you've submitted your claim, the Create Secondary Claim button will only appear on the primary claim when the primary claim is in specific claim statuses. These statuses are:

  • Downloaded
  • Accepted
  • Paid
  • Denied
  • Deductible

If your primary claim is in one of the above statuses, you will see the Create Secondary Claim button as indicated in the image below:

Create a secondary claim button location in SimplePractice

A new secondary claim form will be generated with the client's secondary insurance information populated on the claim form.

Tag indicating that the new form is populated with secondary info in SimplePractice


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