Creating claims for secondary insurance

If you plan to file secondary claims online, make sure the client's secondary insurance is on file before you electronically submit the primary claim. If it is not recorded when the primary claim is filed, you will not be able to file a secondary claim online.

In SimplePractice you can create claims for secondary insurance after you've created a claim for the primary insurance. To learn how to create a claim for primary insurance, read this article: Creating and printing a CMS 1500 (HCFA) claim form.

Once you've created your claim for the primary insurance, you're ready to create your claim for secondary insurance:

1) Be sure you have the client's secondary insurance information on file. (Learn more here: Add a client's secondary insurance.) Remember that you must enter the primary insurance payment prior to creating the secondary claim. If you need help entering an insurance payment, click here.

2) Go to the primary CMS claim form that contains the sessions you'd like to submit for secondary insurance reimbursement. You can find the primary claim form either from the client's billing details page or by going to Billing > Insurance > Claims.

3) Click the button, "Create Secondary Claim."

The "Create Secondary Claim" button will only appear if you have downloaded the claim or if the claim you submitted electronically via SimplePractice is in the Accepted state.

You may have to refresh the page after downloading the claim to make the Secondary Claim button appear.

Create a secondary claim button location in SimplePractice

4) A new secondary claim form will be generated with the client's secondary insurance information populated on the claim form.

Tag indicating that the new form is populated with secondary info in SimplePractice

5) Review all of the pre-populated information including the session details and make any edits required. Be sure to review box 29 and make sure that it reflects the amount paid from the primary insurance EOB.

6) When you're finished, click the Save button. Or if you have online claim filing enabled, you can submit this claim to the secondary insurance payer electronically.

7) You can now download the claim for offline filing. Or you can return to the claim to make edits. You can access these secondary claims from the client's Billing Details page or by going to My Account > Insurance > Claims.

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