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Filing an insurance claim in SimplePractice

Every claim begins with a completed CMS 1500 (HCFA) form. Before trying to file a claim, make sure you learn how to auto-complete the CMS form in seconds with this article: Creating and printing a CMS 1500 (HCFA) claim form.

Once the CMS claim form is filled out and ready to file, click the Submit button at the top of the page.

CMS 1500 claim that is ready to file in SimplePractice

SimplePractice will scrub your claim to look for any common errors such as missing information or invalid addresses. Scrubbing will not count against the allotted number of claims you have purchased.

If any information is found to be incorrect during the scrubbing process your claim will not be submitted. Instead, you'll receive an error message indicating what needs to be adjusted. If you get an invalid address error and believe the address is correct, take a look at this article:"Subscriber address not valid" Error message.

Incorrect information error on CMS 1500 form in SimplePractice

Once you fix the indicated errors on the CMS form, just click the Submit button again.

If you had to leave the claim page to fix the errors, you can return to the claim by going to the client's Billing Details page and clicking on the Claim link:

Claim link on client's Billing Details page in SimplePractice

Or you can find any claim you've created by going to Billing > Insurance > Claims

All claims found in Insurance section of SimplePractice

Note:  If your account is missing the Tax ID or an address, you cannot create claims from this page until these fields are complete.

When you successfully submit the claim, you'll receive a confirmation message:

Claim has been successfully submitted message in SimplePractice

And you will find the claim link attached to the sessions included in the claim:

Claim link on sessions in SimplePractice

That's it! You've successfully submitted a claim.

While the claim is submitted, you won't be able to edit, delete or withdraw the claim. If you need to adjust something on a submitted claim, you can either wait for it to be rejected or you can create and submit a new claim.

Now the next step is to track the progress of the claim. See this guide to learn more: How to check on the status of your claim.

Note: Refer to this guide if you would like to re-submit or delete an insurance claim: How do I submit a corrected claim? and Deleting an insurance claim.

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