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What to do if your enrollment is rejected or receives an error

What to do if your enrollment is rejected or receives an error

If your enrollment is rejected, it's easy to resubmit your application. Here's how:

  • Go to My Account > Settings > Insurance > Enrollment tab.
  • Click rejected to get started with your resubmission.
  • Click Resubmit Enrollment to continue, and then click Yes, I want to submit.Resubmit.simplepractice.enrollments.png
  • Now you'll have the opportunity to update any enrollment fields that appear to be incorrect. Usually rejections are due to the submission containing a provider NPI, tax ID, or address that is not on file with the insurance payer.updateinformation.simplepractice.enrollment.png
  • When you're finished updating your enrollment application, click Continue to Signature.
  • Authorize your signature, and click Continue to Review & Submit.
  • Review all of the information, and click Submit Enrollment.

You'll now see that the enrollment status has updated to Submitted. When you see this, you know you're all set. Now you just need to wait for the insurance company to review and process your enrollment. If your enrollment requires additional steps, please review this guide: Why is my enrollment requiring additional steps?

If you received this error:

  • "(Status 400) Npi XXXXXXXXXX has already been taken for this payer"

It doesn't mean that you've done anything wrong on your end. This error usually appears when you've tried to submit an enrollment with this payer before via SimplePractice but for some reason, the first attempt didn't go through. We can easily help you to fix this. 

Simply contact our support team and provide us with the following:

  • What payer are you trying to enroll with and keep getting this error message?
  • What NPI number are you getting this error message with?

Once we have this information, we will be able to fix this on our side within one business day. You can contact our support team by clicking here.

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