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Error: subscriber address not valid

If you receive a zip code scrubbing error, it is because one of the addresses on the claim form does not match the USPS database.

Confirm zip codes include the 4-digit extension

The most common reason for this error is using zip codes without the 4-digit extension. This is because most payers require 9-digit zip codes on electronic claims. Use this site to get the 9-digit zip code: USPS Zip Code Look Up tool.

Note: You may need to remove the street address to find the correct 9-digit zip code on the USPS site. For example, if you are searching "2003 Curson Ave. Los Angeles, CA", try searching "Curson Ave. Los Angeles, CA".

Important: Enter the 9-digit zip code without a hyphen or space. 

Confirm address with the USPS

The error could also be from using an address that doesn't match the USPS database. The most common errors include:

  1. Extra characters in the street address.
  2. Street address abbreviations that do not match the USPS database's record (i.e., you have entered "Lane" and the official address is "LN").

You can check the address in the link below to see if there are any discrepancies between the information you have and what the USPS has on file.

Note: If the client's address appears correct, remember to check other addresses on the claim form.

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