Can I manually email billing documents?

Yes! After a billing document is created, you can choose to manually email it to your client if you have her email address on file. Just be sure you have the client's consent by checking the "Email ok" box in your client's profile.

After generating the billing document, click the "Email" icon at the top of the screen and the billing document will be sent as a PDF attachment to your client. 



Remember, you can automate billing document delivery if you like. Learn how: Automate the Process of Sending Statements, Superbills, or Invoices.


Troubleshooting a Missing/Inactive email button

For an adult client, if the Email button is not present (or grayed out on an invoice) when you create a billing document, it means the client has not given consent to receive email. 

You can indicate that you have the client's consent by going to the client's info page and checking the checkbox "Email ok" under the client's email address. 



For a client who's a minor, the billing document is emailed to the guardian you select.  If the Email button does not appear when creating a billing document, it means the guardian you have selected for the client does not have an email on file.  When you add the guardian's email address, the option to email the billing document will be available. 

To see who is selected as the minor client's guardian, take a look at the client's Info page.



To add this guardian's email address, go to the Contacts tab.

Here you can add the guardian's email address. The system will send the billing documents to the first email address on file for the guardian. 

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