Cash-only client billing

If you don't accept money from insurance for these clients, then there’s nothing you need to adjust after you’ve created the client record. Just start scheduling sessions, printing statements, and collecting payments!

You can change a client to cash only or confirm that they are cash only by going to the client’s detail page and clicking Edit Client Info > Billing and Insurance > Billing Type > Client pays me. 

With the Billing Type set to “Client pays me,” all the SimplePractice accounting features for this client are defaulted to a cash practice and you can ignore any mention of insurance in the software. In the future we will have a setting that allows you hide all insurance-related parts of SimplePractice.

If your cash only client requires a Superbill:

If you need to create a superbill for a cash only client to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement, that’s easy. 

From the client’s Billing and Insurance tab (Client Detail > Edit Client Info > Billing and Insurance) make sure the BILLING TYPE is set to “Client pays me.” 

Then select the + Insurance button and then you can add the name of your Client’s Insurance Company. You can also fill out as much information in the insurance section as you want - this information isn't required but it will show up on the Client Superbill. 

You can also indicate on the Superbill who the payment should be sent to (you, the client, or the primary insured) - you select this from the drop-down in the field labeled PAYMENTS TO.

Don’t forget to hit SAVE!

That’s it! For information on creating Superbills, take a look at this tutorial.

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