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How to bill for cash-only clients

How to bill for cash-only clients

If you're not currently accepting insurance, you can select Self-Pay as your client's billing type when you first create their file. You can also change a client to Self-Pay or confirm that they're Self-Pay by going to your client’s Overview page and navigate to Edit Details > Billing and Insurance > Billing Type > Self-Pay.


With their Billing Type set to Self-Pay, all the SimplePractice accounting features for this client will be defaulted to a cash practice.

If you need to create a Superbill for a self-pay client to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement, please follow these steps:

  1. Add the client's insurance information by going to Edit Details > Billing and Insurance > Insurance Information.
  2. Select the +Insurance Info button and fill out as much information in the insurance section as you would like. The information that is not required will show up on the Superbill if filled in.
  3. You can indicate who the payment should be sent to (you, the client, or the primary insured).  You can select this from the drop-down field labeled For Superbills, send Payments to.

Note: Don't forget to click Save. For more information on creating Superbills, please take a look at this guide: Creating Superbills.

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